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MegFest Ticket + M&G: Pre-Event Email


Hope you’re getting excited for Meg Fest and the VIP Virtual Meet & Greet coming up on October 3rd at 3pm EST / 12pm PST! I am so excited to meet you! I want you to feel completely comfortable and prepared for this virtual meet & greet so check out the details below my team compiled for you below so you can fully understand how it’s all going to work.

It means so much to me you’ve been so supportive - it’s fans like you who make me get to do what I love every day.



Meg Donnelly


Please note: Meg Fest and the Meet & Greet will take place using two different platforms. First, the livestream will take place at Then, after the livestream ends, the Meet & Greets will take place on the Looped mobile application.



To access Meg Fest, click this link and enter the unique code linked at the top of your order confirmation email [subject = Order #_____ Confirmed]. 

Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet will take place shortly after the stream has ended. To receive your video call, please download the Looped app to your iOS or Android smartphone.

You will be prompted to login to the app using your email address, where a verification code will be sent in order to complete the login process.

After successfully logging in, your event will now appear on the My Events tab under You’re Going!

You will be able to monitor your place in the call queue line and can continue chatting with fans as you wait for your call.

Below are a few notes to ensure you have the best experience possible.

  • Use a strong internet connection! We recommend not streaming anything else at the same time to prevent freezing, skipping, or other connection issues. Check your connection speed by visiting We recommend a speed of 30 mbps or higher for a crisp, clear connection. 
  • TURN ON notifications for the Looped app and DO NOT put your device in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • During your call, you will be able to take screenshots as memorabilia of your experience. To take a screenshot, select the camera button at the bottom of your screen. A 3-2-1 countdown will appear, followed by a simulated flash when the image is taken. You can retrieve your photo by selecting Download Content from the Event Page in the Looped app.
  • Before the event begins, please fill out the questionnaire listed on the Event Page in the Looped app and check out the chat room to connect with other fans!

If you have any additional questions or technical concerns, please reach out to


Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the event!